About Us


Life Empower Handicrafts Producer Company Ltd. is the first of its kind in Kerala which is formed under the initiative of the office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Govt. of India during the year 2020-21. The main aim is to nurture the traditional bamboo craft against heavy odds to keep alive the age old handicraft tradition. The majority of the members are women (99%) and those from backward and SC/ST community, village people and are below poverty line. The company undertakes various training schemes, provide job opportunity to unemployed youth, conducting skill test for ID card (DCH) to Artisans, health programmes, group insurance, awareness programmes, financial assistance, participating exhibitions etc.

VISION               Life Empowerment with Sustainable Solutions


MISSION             Act as a support service provider to link the critical gaps in the sector

                            Assess the gap in skill of artisans on locality basis

                            Creation of new design for innovative products in bamboo sector

                            Maintaining an information system about bamboo

                            Prepare training module based on the need assessment

                            Promotion of bamboo based entrepreneurship by providing necessary support services

                            Promotion of bamboo propagation

                             Provide necessary support to create market demands

                             Quality enhancement and product improvement on existing products